If you plan on attending this year's Wayne Thomas Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally please complete this form 
and return to us ASAP no later than 7-20-07 This form is only for the FAOA part of the event. If you
 plan on joining us for the dinner send us this confirmation along with your check (payable to 
Robert Gaydo & send it to the address below) for the proper amount & number of guests in your group 
to Robert G Gaydo 3501 Hatch Road, Horton, MI 49246. If you have any questions please E-mail us at 
rgaydo@anderinger.com, or myfirehawk99@yahoo.com. or call us at 
517-563-2758 (Home) 734-641-6852 (work), or 586-530-9354 (cell). This will allow us make sure that 
we have the correct number of spaces and seats at the Show Field, Dinner & After Dinner Cruise .

Yes, I plan on attending this year's Wayne Thomas Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally 
August 11th & 12th at Norwalk Raceway Park in Norwalk, Ohio

Name: __________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

Firehawk: Year_______Build#________Comp T/A: Year__________Build#_________

I will be attending Saturday________, Sunday ________, or Both Days________.

Lodging Information:

I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Sandusky:_________ Other: ___________________

Saturday Evening Dinner Tickets:

Yes, I/We will be attending the Saturday Evening Dinner the number in our group will be :

# of Adults____@ $30.00 per person - # of Children____ Under 12 @ $16.00 per-child.

Price includes all taxes and tips. Deadline for the Dinner tickets is 7-20-07 
(No Cancellations after 8-1-07) Dinner Tickets must be picked up at the FAOA registration tent 
before 3:00 PM or at the Banquet Room at the Holiday Inn between 5:00-6:00 Saturday August 11th. 
Dinner Ticket Total Enclosed $______

Raffle Tickets:

I want to purchase Raffle Tickets 1@$5.00___3@ $10.00___ "Limit 3 per Member"

Payment must be sent and payable to: Robert G Gaydo 3501 Hatch Road, Horton, MI 49246. 
Any Questions call us at 517-563-2758 (home), 734-641-6852 (work, or 586-530-9354 (cell),
 or email us at rgaydo@anderinger.com or myfirehawk99@yahoo.com. 

Raffle Ticket Total Enclosed $______

FAOA/CTAOA Registration Fee:

Since we lost several of our major sponsors. We are forced to charge a registration fee in
 order to pay for the Trophies, Banquet Room and other misc. expenses associated with our 
event this year. The registration charge for our part of the show will be $7.00 for each car.
 Please remember that this is two car shows in one and that the part Ames of the car show 
also charges an entry fee. I hate to add this expense to our members but, it has to be done.

 FAOA/CTAOA Registration Fee: 			$________

I would like to donate the following Monies 				$_________

I would like to donate a Prize which Is			 ______________________

Please use my donation as needed by the FAOA, or I would prefer it to be put 
toward     _____________________________________________

Total Amount of Monies Enclosed: 					$____________

Please send all forms & payments to:

Robert G Gaydo
3501 Hatch Road
Horton, MI 49246