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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 2nd Annual Firehawk Rally :
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Highlights From Firehawk Rally #2

The weather for last years Firehawk Rally was superb. We had a great turnout for the 2 day event.
We had over 40 Firehawks register during the two day period. About 90% of the members that attended our first Rally came back for the second one. There were several new members attended also. We are very happy to see the high number of members who returned from the first Rally. This means that most members had a great time at the first Rally and did not want to miss the second Rally.

There were great looking and performing Firehawks attending. Jim Dunn and R.J. Stanelle had their powerful Lingenfelter 383 cubic inch Firehawks. These Firehawks were fantastic running machines and they show it during their ¼ mile runs. On the one of a kind side there was a Firehawk SC which is owned by Sandra Forrider and Sons. This car is a Pilot Firehawk with a Super Charger on it from SLP originally.

The dinner that we had at the Hickory Restaurant in Sandusky had a great turnout with over fifty five members and their family attending. The food and service at this establishment can not be any better. The drive to the Hickory from our meeting place was great. We had a lot of heads turning with all of the Firehawks in line driving there and the parking was dominated by Firehawks.
A lot of story swapping and jokes were flying.

The Firehawk elimination’s was won by Philip Frantz of Portland Indiana. Phil had very consistent times during his time trials. Phil’s Firehawk is 1995 # 134 and is an Automatic.
"Keep that ice on the intake it helps"

The FAOA show trophies for 1995 Firehawks went to Mark Bailey for his Firehawk Convertible and Harry Hofbauer for his Firehawk Convertible. For 1994 Firehawks FAOA trophies went to Don Yeauger and Christopher Jezewski and for 1993 the winners were Gene Lease and Dan Taraban. The FAOA trophy for the greatest distance traveled went R.J. Stanelle from Atlanta, Ga.
We also gave a trophy for the most exotic Firehawk it went to Jim Dunn for 1994 Firehawk.

The Following trophies were won by our members from the Pontiac Nationals. They were split into two class’s 93-94 and 95 Firehawks. Listed below are the results 93-94 Chris Jezewski, 1st. Place, 93-94 Gene Lease 2nd. Place and Derek Jezewski 3rd. Place. 1995 trophies went to Dan Cregar 1st. Place, R.J. Stanelle 2nd. Place and Betsy and Steve Zurowski 3rd Place. The national also gave out a trophy for long distance award and I am happy to say it went to one of our members also R.J. Stanelle from Atlanta, Ga.
Listed are the results from the Pontiac Nationals: 2529 Spectators, 224 Race Entries, 148 Show Entries, 23 Car Corral and 66 Swap Meet Spaces.

David Hamburger from SLP was in attendance. This gave our members direct contact with the SLP in order to have their questions answered. David is the son of Ed Hamburger who is the owner of SLP. David was very busy answering our member questions about their Firehawks. There was the new Hurst Firebird on display from Lingenfelter’s and Miss Hurst was there signing autographs. Pontiac motors had several concept cars on display. Jim Mattison from Pontiac Historical Services was also in attendance. Arnie "Framer" Beswick put on his great display of power with the Tame-Less Tiger. A big thanks goes out to Pete & Andrea Woodruff for making our part of the show happen. These are great folks to work with never once did they hesitate to make our show a success or help us. Bonnie & I would like to thank all of our members who attended this years event. With out the members support we would not be able to put a show on.

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