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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 5th Annual Firehawk Rally :
Rally Recap Part 1

This is the first part of a multi-part series about the 5th. Annual Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally held August 7th & 8th at Norwalk International Raceway Park. First I would like to thank all the members of both the Firehawk & Comp T/A owners Association that attended this year. It takes a lot of dedication on behalf of the Firehawk/Comp T/A owner in getting his/her pride and joy to this annual event. It’s a lot of work once they get to the event such cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. About 75-80 % of the attendees is return attendees. This speaks a lot about the event, the track and the fun the members have. Some members take time off from work or schedule their time off from work around this event. Some drive more than 2500 miles to attend. They take a risk of breakdowns. They risk speeding tickets (Which I can not image why anyone owning a Firehawk or Comp T/A would speed) One member got cited for breaking the sound barrier from out West (110+mph). Those critters that cross the road did not have a chance or clue on what hit them. What I am trying to say is Hat's Off to the members that attended. Its members like yourself that makes the Firehawk/Comp Associations the success that they are today. I am truly proud to be associated with such a fine group of people.

Next I would like to thank the members, companies and the people behind the scenes. First I would like to thank the members who helped. A big thanks go to Ed Beaulieu for taking on the task of counting the ballots for the car show. This is the second year Ed has taken on this job. Ed also obtained 5 prizes for the Rally this year. (Great Job Ed!) Second I would like to thank Mike Alford for running the Firehawk/Comp T/A drag racing elimination's. Mike took on this task and did a great job! Mike is one of the most enthuse members that I ever had pleasure of knowing. The Comp T/A Owners Association has a true jewel in Mike. Third is Dean Fait (Din0) Dean took on the job of designing & printing of both the event shirts and dash plaques this year. Dean, you did a great job! The designs were great.

For companies a special Thanks goes out to all companies but especially the following one's SLP (Edward Hamburger, David Hamburger & Reggie Harris) SLP donated Money for the trophies, Car Cover and Floor Mats. Firestone, (Doyle Downey) Firestone donated a set of four Z rated 17 inch tires for our cars. Performance International, (Bob) donated a K&N air filter. Bob has offer a special price plus free shipping on the filters. Zaino, (Sal) Sal donated a complete big and small array of Zaino products. Don't forget Zaino products are the official product of both the Firehawk/Comp T/A owners Associations and the numerous other companies that donated items. Remember too support the companies that supported us without them the Rally would not have prizes to give our members. I would like to thank all the companies that donated products to make our event a success.

People behind the scenes. These people help and seldom get mention. They are the following

Pete and Andi Woodruff. Pete and Andi are the people behind the Ames Pontiac Nationals. The Woodruffs are great people they give the Associations endless hours and time in letting us do what we need to make the Rally work. Jim Mattison has always been there for us. Jim is a walking tech book of information on Pontiac automobiles. Without Jim our dinners would not be the same without his presentations. Thanks! Jim for your time it is greatly appreciated. Brian France who heads our web-site and donates the time and space for our members. The web-site space Brian donates helps in getting companies to donate prizes for the Rally. Last but not least is Ken Collings who is the most knowledgeable and helpful person I know. Ken spends endless hours getting members to attend the Rally and helping people on the Internet boards. Ken is a true F-Body enthusiast. (I am expecting you to get Her Hawk to attend the next Rally). If I have forgotten any person I truly apologize. It was not with intent.

The weather for this year's event did not provide the best conditions. We had periods of rain over the three-day event. This put a damper on several events such as our annual cruise after our dinner on Saturday evening. It delayed both the time trial and eliminations. This set back the end of the time the show should have ended from 4:00 Sunday afternoon until after 7:00 Sunday evening. It also cause endless hours of cleaning by the members. Not to mention that about 10-15 members did not show up due to these weather conditions. Hopefully next year the weather will be on our side and we will have a even greater turnout.

The Econolodge Motel parking lot looked like Firehawk/Comp T/A Heaven. What a showing we had. We dominated the motel with these cars and members. It was great to see all the members interact among each other. What a rush it was to see and hear the Hawks from out West pull into the motel parking lot.

At this years event we had a total of 47 SLP cars attending the Rally. I believe that the break down consists of the following 35 Firehawk's and 12 Comp T/A's. The number includes members & non-members. These are the totals for both days. We were all parked together as always. We completely dominated the show with our cars. No other single type of car had more in attendance than ours. What a great turnout!

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