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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 5th Annual Firehawk Rally :
Rally Recap Part 2

This years rally really kicked off late Friday afternoon as the Firehawks and Comp T/As started to rumble into the parking lot at the Norwalk Econolodge Motel. Acquaintances from prior rallies were renewed as the lot filled. Around 6:30 I was proud as heck to lead in the convoy from the west. I imagine Dave Hamburger sees a lot of these SLP rides but he looked pretty excited as 5 Hawks and a GTX rolled up. Brian France put it “ pulling into the hotel on Friday night and seeing the parking lot full of Firehawks and Comp T/As made the extra nights stay well worth the money". I was really struck by how far some people travel to come to the rally. Just look at the list of home states farther down in the article. We came from Texas, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Idaho and in my case Alberta, Canada.

Saturday dawned sunny but damp. Overnight we had what was to prove one of many rain showers. After a quick wipe down the Firehawks and Comp T/As headed off the Norwalk Raceway Park. I think it’s fair to say we made up the largest part of the Ames car show. The Firehawks and Comp T/As set up shop and the heavy duty cleaning and Zaino work kicked in.

No track time was available on Saturday this year but the sun came out for a bit! Ames show judging was delayed due to the weather. This created lots of extra work for owners due to rain. Firehawks continued to arrive throughout the day including a couple owners who had no idea the rally was taking place. Wayne and Bonnie were busy manning the FAOA tent registering cars and selling T-shirts. Great shirts too!

Saturday evening’s banquet was very well attend. We had a great meal and more story telling. After diner Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historic Services gave a brief presentation of some historic Pontiac promotion video. Jim always has interesting memories to pass along. Reg Harris from SLP followed with some comments. Reg was subjected to an intense question and answer period from the owners present. With Jim, Reg and Dave Hamburger there Brian out it best “ Talk about past present and future of Pontiac, SLP and the Firehawk".

Two posters were given away by Jim. Not just any posters but Pontiac Grand Prix NASCAR posters signed by all active GP drivers including the pace car driver. The winners had to answer a couple tough trivial questions supplied by Dave Hamburger. Que. #1 What was Ed Hamburgers first race car? Ans.— a VW Beetle. Don’t feel bad, no one else got it either.

A Mustang round-up was scratched due to a Ohio style monsoon in effect as we left the banquet. Oh well , they may still remember us at that go kart track from 98. La la la la .. I can’t hear you.

Despite copious amounts of prayer Sunday dawned cloudy and damp. Undaunted the Firehawks and Comps congregated once again. Judging for both the FAOA show and Ames show had to take place today so the detailing was furious. Several additional Firehawks and Comps arrived. This is normal as some folks are unable to make the show for both days.

Firehawk & Comp T/A Elimination's

Sunday is also the day we get to share the track with the large contingent of Pontiac race cars which attend the Ames Performance Pontiac National. The race cars usually out number the show cars. Racing and showing are tough to balance. You have to get into the staging lanes when the announcer calls and this year many of us had yet to be judged for the Ames show. Despite the conflict around 10 Firehawks and 5 Comps headed for the staging lanes. Thanks to the show organizers for giving us a good staging lane late on Sunday.

The drag racing program was delayed throughout the afternoon as a result of the morning rains. Our final rounds took place around 7 pm. The Comp T/A final saw Bob Reese face off against his wife Dorie. The win light went on in Bob’s lane with a 13.67 besting her 13.68. Everyone was pulling for Dorie as she led her husband until the lights. The Firehawk final saw a pair of 1995 Hawks face off. Brad Metzner in #487 faced off against Matt Bennett’s #227. Matt got the win in a close race.

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