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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 5th Annual Firehawk Rally :
Rally Recap Part 3

Show and Shine

Taking home a trophy from the Firehawk & Comp T/A rally is no easy task. It’s actually a good time to learn a lot of tricks of the trade and use them when you compete in local shows. The Firehawk Rally judging is based on votes by rally participants so prizes may not go to the best ‘show’ car. Thanks to those of you who gave my Hawk a few mercy Vote, James and I felt pretty good taking home a little hardware. The Ames show is judged in a more traditional manner. Congratulations to all of the winners. Many others could easily have won as well.

Firehawk Association Awards

1993 Firehawks
1st Place : Ed Beaulieu
2nd Place : Dan Taraban

1994 Firehawks
1st Place : Malcolm Glover
2nd Place : Don Yeauger

1995 Firehawks
1st Place : Matt Bennett
2nd Place : Mac Logan

1996 Firehawks
1st Place : Thomas Morgan
2nd Place : Matt Bracich

1997 Firehawks
1st Place : Rick Lake

1999 Firehawks
1st Place : Kevin & Valerie Harrison
2nd Place : Julie Tomlin

Long Distance Award
Mac Logan & James Grossklaus
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Modified Firehawk
1st Place James Dunn

Comp T/A's
1st Place : Ken Collings
2nd Place : Bob Reese
3rd Place : Dean Fait

Ames Performance Nationals Awards

Firehawk 1993/1994
1st Place : Ed Beaulieu
2nd Place : Don Yeauger
3rd Place : Malcolm Glover

Firehawk 1995
1st Place : Steve & Betsy Zukowski
2nd Place : Steve Sunyak
3rd Place : Mac Logan

Firehawk 1996/1997
1st Place : Kevin Shar (Comp T/A)
2nd Place : Ken Collings (Comp T/A)
3rd Place : Rick Lake

Firehawk 1999
1st Place : Robert Gaydo
2nd Place : Rheanna Wellman
3rd Place : Bruce Pinchock

Long Distance Award
Mac Logan / James Grossklaus
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1999 Firehawk Rally Attendees

Just take a look at the home States listed here!
Firehawks at Norwalk 99 Owner Year Number Body Color State

Wayne Thomas - Organizer's car was at home this year in Pennsylvania
Dan Taraban 1993 006 Formula T-top Black Ohio
Ed Beaulieu 1993 014 Formula hardtop Red Ohio
Chad Harvey 1994 011 Formula T-top Red Illlinois
Walid Mackoul 1994 141 Formula hardtop Dark Green Michigan
Malcolm Glover 1994 190 Formula hardtop Blue Indiana
Jim Dunn 1994 192 Formula T-top Black Michigan
Don Yeauger 1994 204 Formula T-top Grey-Purple Ohio
Chuck Stong 1994 307 Formula T-top Aqua Green Texas
Corbin Reno 1994 475 Formula T-top Dark Green Ohio
Mac Logan 1995 C04 Formula hardtop Chameleon Alberta
Brian Imes 1995 065 Formula T-top Green Ohio
Jason Uehling 1995 121 Formula hardtop Silver Iowa
Matt Bennett 1995 227 Formula T-top Black Iowa
Brian France 1995 259 Formula T-top White Indiana
Steve Zurowski 1995 297 Formula hardtop Black Wisconsin
Stan Brazdo 1995 310 Formula T-top Dark Green Florida
Chris Haire 1995 318 Formula hardtop Medium Red Indiana
Steve Sunyak 1995 326 Formula hardtop Black Ohio
Brad & James Metzner 1995 487 Formula T-top Red Pennsylvania
David Krause 1995 568 Formula convertible Black Michigan
Matt Bracich 1996 037 Fomula hardtop Dark Green Neveda
Thomas Morgan 1996 050 Formula T-top Red Ohio
Rick Lake 1997 028 Formula hardtop Red Idaho
Julia Tomlin 1999 094 Trans Am T-top Black Ohio
Kevin & Valeria Harrison 1999 121 Formula T-top Navy Blue Ohio
Marcellas Townsel 1999 273 Trans Am T-top Red Ohio
Pauline & Bruce Pinchoch 1999 401 T/A convertible Black Pennsylvania
New (for sale) 1999 386 Trans Am T-top Black Ohio
Robert Gaydo 1999 437 Formula T-top Pewter Michigan
Rheanna Wellman 1999 489 Trans Am T-top Pewter North Carolina
Ken Maligranda 1999 ? Trans Am T-top Black Illinois
Donald Tylicki 1999 ? Trans Am T-top Navy Blue Ohio
Reg Harris - SLP 2000 Pilot Trans Am T-top White Michigan
Dave Hamburger Jr - SLP 2000 Pilot Trans Am T-top Red New Jersey
Jim Mattison various special Pontiacs Michigan
J.B. Mattison various special Pontiacs Michigan

Comp T/As at Norwalk 99
Owner Comp # State
Dean Fait #00 / Pilot Illinois
Kevin Day #04 Michigan
Bob Reese #29 Virginia
Terry Hanks #48 Indiana
Mike Alford #57 Ohio
Dorie Reese #92 Virginia
Kevin Shar #97 Ohio
Donald Tylicki #101 Ohio
Tracey Madden #107 Iowa
Kevin Rooney #134 Michigan
Ken Collings #139 Virginia
Art Miles #152 Illinois

Thanks to all FAOA members who attended the 5th annual rally and made it so much fun for all of us. Thanks also to our prize sponsors which are listed at These includes : SLP Engineering, Firestone, Performance International, ALLDATA Corporation, Zaino Brothers Car Show Polish, Thunder Racing, Nitrous Express, and several more.

See you August 12-13th, 2000!


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