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Top : Firehawk : Literature : 1999 Firehawk Literature :

Dear Firehawk Enthusiast:

We're presently completing 1999 Firehawk photo sessions, getting all the copy written, reviewing early production components and more to the point for enthusiasts such as yourself, we're scheduling media test cars for evaluation.

In other words, the 1999 Firehawk is on the way. In response to the many requests we've received for photos, we expect to begin fulfilling requests by no later than October 1st. Until that time, please refer to the background information listed on this website. As new information becomes available, we'll post it here.

As of August 24th, Pontiac dealers were allowed to place 1999 Firehawk orders. And interest is running quite high. For instance, I know of one dealer in suburban Detroit who is attempting to secure the first couple Firehawks. We forecast a minimum of 1,000 sales, with approximately 90% being either Trans Am coupe or convertible models, the balance Formula coupes. Remember, as opposed to past model years. SLP's™ contract with GM and Pontiac-GMC Division does not set a production limit on the 1999 Firehawk. The only caveat is GM's ability to supply SLP™ with a sufficient quantity of Trans Am and/or Formula models to meet Firehawk demand. And we have every reason to believe, they support the production of
as many Firehawks as the market will reasonably bear.

On August 18th, Firehawk dealer literature was sent to each general sales manager and new car sales manager at every Pontiac dealership in the country. Give the U.S. Postal system a couple days to get the job done, then stop by your dealer.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Reg Harris

Marketing Director
SLP™ Engineering, Inc.

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