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Top : Firehawk : Literature : 1999 Firehawk Literature :



All-New Auburn, High Torque, Performance Differential w/AAM cast aluminum cooling cover$899.00

Combination of leading edge Auburn Gear and American Axle Manufacturing technology enhances traction and helps reduce differential operating temperatures under certain driving conditions. System detects variance in the gripping force of each rear tire and redistributes the engine load as road conditions change, thereby enhancing vehicle performance and stability.

Bilstein Ultra Performance Suspension System$999.00

Offers handling that, according to Car and Driver magazine, " smarter, not harder...We're hard pressed to think of a car that rides better on 17-inch tires..." Motor Trend magazine added this assessment, "Handling? How about .91g on the skidpad?..." (Not offered on Firehawk convertible.)

17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels$799.00

SLP offers an improved chrome-plated wheel for 1999 that includes a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty coverage on finish.

All-new, Firehawk exclusive deck-lid spoiler, painted body color with L.E.D. stop lamp (only available on Trans Am V87X coupe model, mid-year introduction)$999.00

Aggressive all-new aerodynamic Firehawk design to complement the aggressive all-new forced air induction hood. Includes an all-new integrated L.E.D. stop lamp. (Interim model year introduction)

Premium front floor mats w/embroidered Firehawk logo$99.00

Heavy duty, custom fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place.

Custom car cover with silk-screened Firehawk graphics$159.00

Premium grade, breathable, water-resistant fabric. Provides protection from the elements for today's hottest collectible car. Includes: cable, lock, tote bag with silk-screened Firehawk graphics.

Castrol "Syntec" High Performance Lubricants Package$79.00

Castrol "Syntec" full synthetic engine oil provides superior protection and performance. Castrol "Syntec protects in ways other cars can't." The Castrol "Syntec" lubricants package includes Castrol's 500,000-mile "Maximum Protection" limited engine warranty program.

PRODUCTION SPECIFICS SLP produces the Firehawk at its Montreal assembly facility, which is 20 minutes away from GM's Ste. Therese F-Car assembly plant. The process is simple: GM ships Firebird Formula and Trans Am models scheduled for alteration to SLP for that work. Following alteration, Firehawks are returned to GM's Ste. Therese assembly plant and subsequently shipped by GM carriers to Pontiac dealerships.

WHAT ABOUT FINANCING AND WARRANTY COVERAGE?Retail financing and leasing are available through GMAC. SLP's three-year/36,000 mile limited warranty covers standard Firehawk content and options. The balance of the vehicle, which is not affected by the alteration, is covered by GM's limited warranty. See GM limited warranty for details.

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