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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 7th Annual Firehawk Rally :
Rally Raffle Tickets - Sold Out

Sold Out!

Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally Raffle Tickets!!!!!

Again this year we will offer a Raffle Ticket. The monies from the sale of the Raffle tickets is used to help offset the cost of the Rally. The winner of the Raffle ticket drawing will have His/Her choice of any one prize on the table. We have some great prizes this year. For Example: AuburnGear Posi Unit ($300.00), AutoTap Unit ($250.00), T.Byrne Motorsports $200.00 Gift Certificate, Fast Toys Free Ram Kit ($180.00), SLP Custom Rear Deck Mat ($140.00), SLP Car Cover ($150.00) Global West ($150.00) Gift Certificate. Complete Zaino Polish Kit. Its still early and we expect to have many more prizes donated. Last 2 years we gave away a set of Firestone tires. Hopefully Firestone will be generous again this year We also have many other prizes to pick from. Only Members with dues current are permitted to purchase Raffle tickets. There will only be 100 Tickets available. Purchaseing of the Raffle Ticket(s) will be greatly appreciated & helpful in making this and future Rallies possible.

Raffle Ticket(s) Reply Form

Raffle Tickets!!!

Yes!, I/We would like to purchase Raffle(s) to help offset the cost of the Rally!!!!!

# of Raffle Tickets 1 for $5.00____________3 for $10.00____________ Limit: 3 Tickets per Member.

Amount Enclosed _________________

Only members of the Firehawk Association & Comp T/A Owners Association with their membership dues current will be permitted to purchase Raffle Ticket(s). Payment must be sent and made payable to: Wayne Thomas P.O. Box 96 Uniontown, Pa. 15401 .Attendee s must pick their ticket(s) up at the Rally. Non-Attendee s ticket(s) will be mailed to them on 8-1-01. Non-Attendee s please enclosed the address where your ticket(s) should be sent.

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