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Top : Events : Firehawk Fests : 3rd Annual Firehawk Fest :
FF3 Update 2001/06/18

Greetings once again, Thanks in part to the gathering we had June 9, 2001, in Elk Grove, CA I am now getting geared up for this year's Fest. I think it took me awhile to get into the spirit of the car show season, but with the potluck BBQ we had in the park, that was the spark I needed to get going. It was really a wonderful time sitting around relaxing and telling stories, swapping memories and comparing exhaust notes. I was assured by all those that attended that they all had a great time.

Now, for this year's Fest. We will start out on Friday evening at the Hallmark Suites once most everyone has checked in and settled down with a cocktail party in the Hallmark lounge. Those who are registered guests get a free 2 hour cocktail reception, so this will be a good time to unwind and meet new friends while re-acquainting ourselves with our friends from the past.

On Saturday, October 6, 2001, we will be heading over to Les Schwab Tires on Madison Ave at I-80. Les Schwab will be the main sponsor of this year's show and has generously offered to provide food, refreshments and prizes. The show will be judged by SCCA judges as well as having a popular vote from the participants for "Best of Show". The SCCA judges will award three trophies in each of the two Firehawk classes. You must be a member of the FAOA to be eligible for all of these awards. All awards will be handed out at the conclusion of the show. I will be charging each entrant a $5.00 fee to help pay for the awards.

After the show breaks up we'll have some time to sneak back to the Hallmark suites before getting ready for the dinner at Cattlemens Restaurant at 6:00 p.m. (tentative) with guest speaker Reg Harris from SLP. Don't forget the free 2 hour cocktail reception for those registered guests at the Hallmark Suites. And please, make sure you get your dinner reservations and payment to me by no later than September 21st! I must have your payment and dinner selections turned in by that weekend. If you want to mail your check in a bit early, I will hold all checks for deposit until the 21st also.

After breakfast on Sunday morning we'll meet at the Hallmark suites at 9:30AM and have a cruise to the park for a get-together quite similar to the one we just had on June 9th. But since so many of you will be traveling long distances and/or staying at the Hallmark, we will have lunch brought in to us in the form of KFC chicken. We will supply all the necessary items such as silverware, napkins, plates as well as soft drinks and there will be a charge of $7.50 per person for the lunch. This money MUST be pre-paid as well as the money for the dinner on Saturday night if you wish to attend either of these events. After the lunch, we will have the prize drawing for those FAOA members who are present. I have Brian France working on the sponsors for this year's Fest but those who attended last year's event know what the prizes were like and everyone who stayed for the drawing won something that was at least worth more than the years dues to the FAOA. It pays to belong! You can check out what prizes are available so far by going to our web site and checking out the sponsors link. We should have the prize drawing around 3PM, so those out-of-towners can get a jump on the traffic.

Maps will be available with directions from the Hallmark Suites to Les Schwab tires and the cruise route for Sunday morning to the park. If there is anything that I have omitted or not made clear enough please let me know and I will try to clarify it. Either email me or call me (916) 726-9412 or my cell (916) 718-1024.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at this year's FirehawkFest.

Sincerely, Bob

Bob Deffenbaugh - 1993 Firehawk #110 & 2002 Firehawk # ? and Organizer of
the West Coast FirehawkFest

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