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Top : Events : Firehawk Rallies : 7th Annual Firehawk Rally :
Rally Update: 2001/07/02

It's Almost Time For The 7th. Annual FireHawk/Comp T/A Rally & You Still Have Time To Attend !

If you have not made your plans to attend this year's Firehawk / Comp T/A Rally at Norwalk Raceway Park in Norwalk, Ohio on August 11th. & 12th. It's still not to late to attend. Further details on specific cutoff dates within this newsletter on the Dinner & Raffle ticket reply forms. Cutoff dates are strict as we have to give certain notifications to parties. For complete information & reply forms go to or call us at 724-437-6736 email

Special Guest Appearance's (SLP's Founder Edward Hamburger)

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Ed Hamburger SLP's founder will tentatively attend our event on Saturday afternoon at the track to talk with and sign items for our members (such has under your hood and etc.). Mr. Hamburger will also attend our Saturday evening Dinner and give a small presentation after the Dinner. Reg Harris SLP's Public Relation Guru will also be at the Dinner and at the event one of the two days (times uncertain at present). Dave Hamburger (Ed's Son) most of us know Dave from the SLP and various messages boards where he does a great job in updating and answering our questions will also be attending.

Prize's to be awarded!!!!! (This just a partial listing)

4 Firestone Firehawk Tires (275-45-17ZR) ($900.00+)
LT1 Hot Cam Kit (500.00+)
AuburnGear Posi Unit ($300.00)*
AutoTap Unit ($250.00),
T.Byrne Motorsports ($200.00)*
Fast Toys Free Ram Kit ($180.00)
SLP Custom Rear Deck Mat ($140.00)*
SLP Car Cover ($150.00)*
SLP Floor Mats ($100.00)*
Global West ($150.00)*
Complete Zaino Polish Kit ($100.00)

What's The Rally About

It's about a special event that stands out from a regular car show or meet for owners of these special interest and limited edition auto's. You will meet owners from all over United States and Canada that have the same pride in their Firehawk/Comp T/A as you do. You will see and learn from different members tips on performance, detailing, exchange idea's & experiences. You will not see a greater number of Firehawks and Comp T/A's gathered in one place than at the Rally. Rather you attend 1 or both days or attend with or without your car. You don't want miss this event.

Cost to FAOA Members

What will it cost the FAOA members to attend this event? The only fee's our members will pay is to the Ames Pontiac Performance Nationals. The fee varies depending on the number of days that you attend and the number in your group. The FAOA does not charge its members to attend the Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally part of the event. We would however appreciate it very much if you would send us the enclosed FAOA confirmation reply form enclosed within this newsletter ASAP. This would help us greatly in making sure that we have the correct number of items and spaces. Also enclosed is a Ames Pontiac Performance National's Flyer for members that show interest in attending the Rally with a pre-registration form ( You do not have to pre-register for the Ames part of the show. but, it will save you time when you arrive at the event).

It's Two Shows

For the price of one. Each member that enters his/her Firehawk or Comp T/A in both the Ames and FAOA part of the shows will have a chance to win trophies from each organization. The Ames Pontiac Performance Nationals are judge by professional judge. The FAOA has it own member voting system. Each dues paying member will get a voting ballot when he/she registers with us at the Rally. Only require Requirement is that you can not vote for your own car ( Yes!! I had members do this in the past. These votes will not count).

Hotel & Motel Rooms

Our host motel the Econolodge in Norwalk is SOLD-OUT ! Since mid-February. We are lucky this year they gave us 27 rooms. Below is a list of other Hotel & Motels within 10 miles of the Rally.

Amerihost Inn 419-663-3501
Best Western 419-663-3501
Colonial Inn Resort 419-499-3403
Dreamland Motel 419-668-5159
Econo Lodge Motel 419-668-5656
Gastier Farm Bed & Breakfast 419-499-2985
Georgian Manor 419-663-8132
Hampton Inn 419-499-4911
Homestead Inn 419-499-4091
Homestead Inn Motel 419-499-4955
Motel Six 419-499-8001
Norwalk Inn 419-668-8255
Olsen's Bed & Breakfast 419-499-2278
Ramada Ltd. 419-499-4347
Royal Motel 419-668-2595
Super 8 Motel 419-499-4671
Trails End Motel 419-465-237

The Motel that is the closest to the Econolodge is the Best Western/Amerihost Inn (Same Motel) just across the street. There is always something going on at each motel Friday Afternoon and Friday evening and Saturday evening after our dinner at the Holiday Inn

Pontiac's 75th. Anniversary

This year is Pontiac's 75th. Anniversary and they will also be in attendance with their traveling road show with some special items and surprises. This is also Ames Pontiac Performance Nationals 10th Anniversary show. This should the biggest event in both Ame's , FAOA & CTAOA history.

CompFest 2001

Along with the 7th Annual FAOA/CTAOA Rally the Comp T/A owners will also have their annual CompFest this year at Norwalk Raceway Park.

Eligibility! (Are Your Dues Current?)

To be eligible for the FAOA prizes & trophies. You must be a member of the FAOA if you own a Firehawk and a member of both CTAOA & FAOA if you own a Comp T/A. Your membership dues must be current ( Note ! Membership dues has increase as of 7-1-01 for current members see dues increase article further within this newsletter). Please check your address label on this newsletter just under your name is where its located for example 07-01 means your membership expires on July 1st. 2001. Your continue support is greatly appreciated. If there is anything that I have omitted or not made clear enough please let me know. Call us at 724-437-6736 or e-mail at

Added Bonus-Time Trials & Eliminations.

We are happy to say that included with your Ames Pontiac Performance Nationals admission (at no extra charge). Each member of the FAOA will be able to do a (few time trials and participate in either the Firehawk or Comp T/A Eliminations if weather and time permits). This alone would cost you as much as $15.00 at other tracks. The times for these event will be announce at the Rally.

Dinner Tickets (Still Available)

We have Dinner Tickets still available. You will find the Dinner details & Ticket Purchasing Form further in this newsletter. There is a strict cutoff date for this event. This is one event you will not want to miss.

Raffle Tickets ( 21 left)

We still have small supply of Raffle Tickets left. You will find the Raffle prize details & Raffle Ticket Purchasing Form further in this newsletter. We have some great prizes this year. Your chances of winning are great due to the fact that we are only selling 100 tickets and 99% of the membership are purchasing 3 Raffle Tickets. This make your chances roughly 1 in 33 to win any 1 prize of your choice.

(Your Membership Dues Must Be Current To Purchase Raffle Tickets Check your Membership Expiration Date). To join go to print out the application and send it to us.

Wayne Thomas

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