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Top : Events : Firehawk Fests : 4th Annual Firehawk Fest :
FF4 Wrap-up


Another year has come and gone for the FirehakwFest and I wanted to let everyone on the list know what took place this past weekend.

As most of you know I had so many prizes, trophies and shirts that I could not fit it all in both of the Firehawks, so we ended up renting a minivan. Yes, I know. You can quit the snickering and the pick yourself up off the floor. Going to a Firehawk event in a minivan. And it wasn't even a Pontiac Montana. Thank goodness that part is behind us. Shelley and I both had a great time though and our oldest daughter, Dawn flew in from Chicago to help us out at the Fest and have a little fun in Las Vegas as well.

I would like to thank all of the long haulers that made the trip. Mac Logan who is the Firehawk data dude and the editor of the FAOA newsletter came down from Calgary in his 1995 Firehawk and he came in 4th in the long distance award. Mark Campbell from Port St. Lucie, Florida won that honor for driving 39 hours to Las Vegas for the event, beating out John Dampf from Edmonton, Alberta and Julie Brown from Bartlett, TN. A special thanks to all of you who drove an exceptional amount to make the Fest. I know what it takes to do something like this, which is the main reason I started up the Fest, so I wouldn't have to drive 2500 miles to make it to a Firehawk event.

Now for a list of the show winners:

1992 1st Place - Mike Williams, Car #26

1993 1st Place - Dave Pincus, Car #81

1994 1st Place - John Agee, Car #298

1995 1st Place - Mac Logan, Car #C04

1996 1st Place - Matt Bracich, Car # 37

1997 1st Place - Roger Bynum, Car #19 (LT4 Car)
1997 2nd Place - Todd Wood, Car # ?? (LT4 Car)

1999 1st Place - Jeff Taylor, Car # 622

2001 1st Place - Evan Smith, Car #233
2001 2nd Place - David Hall, Car #301

2002 1st Place - Julie Brown, Car #189
2002 2nd Place - David Hall, Car #814

For the "Best of Show" award, that honor went to Dave Pincus in his red 1993 Firehawk that he drove up from North Hills, CA. Dave and Cindy are FirehawkFest veterans and hopefully will join us in Norwalk for the rally sometime in the future. Congrats to you Dave, nice showing! Dave very narrowly beat out Matt Bracich in his 1996 Firehawk. Good show guys.

For the prize winners, let us just say that most poeple who hung around (and missed some of the racing action and the burnout contest) ended up with two prizes. There were enough prizes for everyone to take home at least one prize, so in that repsect things worked out quite well.

I do have a lot of event shirts left over in all sizes if anyone wants some and missed out or wants some additional shirts, I can accomodate you. I also have FAOA polos left and FAOA watches (men's only) and 3 "Last of the Breed" kits. If you are interested in any of these items, drop me a line.

Once again, I want to thank all of you who attended the event for helping to make the Fest the sucess that it was. Right now we are already in the planning stages for next year as talks have begun. I would appreciate any "constructive" comments that you may have and will take all into consideration for next year's event. We are not tied into any location or any other event, so it is wide open. Let me know what you would like to see for next year.

Regards, Bob

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