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Top : Firehawk : Literature : 2009 Firehawk Literature :
Order Information


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A: The Firehawk requires the optional 19” factory wheels and Bridgestone Potenza RE050A summer-only performance tires (P245/40R19-94W), which are both included with Pontiac’s RPO Code PDX – Sport Package.


• SLP TVS 1900 Series Supercharger Package – The Heart and Soul of Firehawk is our 1900 Series TVS, high-output supercharger (black finish). This is the same technology offered in the new ZR 1 Corvette supercharger. It safely provides 7 PSI of boost, creating stump-pulling torque and neck-breaking acceleration. It increases the power and torque of the stock L76 6.0L engine at the flywheel from 361 HP to 500 HP @ 6024 RPM and 385 ft-lbs to 489 ft-lbs of torque @ 4340 RPM. E.O. #D-488-14.

• SLP PowerFlo® Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System with Distinctive Tips – Firehawk’s axle-back exhaust system was designed and tuned specifically for the new supercharged Firehawk. The resulting tone is deep, rich and powerful a perfect blend of Muscle Car and Grand-Touring sound quality. The system features polished 304 stainless steel mufflers and uniquely shaped exhaust tips that fit the factory rear fascia openings, along with mandrel-bent stainless steel pipes.

• SLP Blackwing® Cold Air Induction System – SLP pioneered this power-enhancing technology many years ago on the first generation F-car-based Firehawk. This technology is now incorporated in our new 2009 G8 GT-based Supercharged Firehawk. The Blackwing® Cold-Air Induction System replaces the restrictive, power robbing factory air filter assembly. By picking up cool, dense outside air, and pumping it directly into the engine, this system provides a noticeable power gain. The system includes an OEM quality black-finished polypropylene high-flow intake tube and black powder coated heat shield, along with a high-flow reusable Blackwing® filter.

• SLP Sport Suspension Package – SLP’s Sport Suspension Package is specially tuned and engineered for the new 2009 G8 GT-based Firehawk. By lowering the chassis 1.0” in the front and .8” in the rear, it gives the Firehawk a more aggressive stance, lower center of gravity and delivers even more response and control in high speed cornering. These German engineered, progressive rate springs are made to the same rigorous performance and quality standards as the springs used for NASCAR, Formula 1, Indy Car and the World Rally Championship.

• Flat Black Painted Hood and Grille Surrounds – The hood, grille surrounds, and the area between them is painted with an OEM-quality flat black finish, reminiscent of the early Muscle Car paint themes.

• Painted Lower Fascia Grille Inserts – To further differentiate the appearance of the Firehawk from the standard G8 GT, the lower fascia inserts, which come from the factory with a black finish, are painted body color.

• SLP Rear Spoiler – To complete the Muscle Car theme, the new rear spoiler is painted flat black as well. It provides a higher lip to increase down force at high speeds, improving the stability of the car.

• Firehawk 19” 5-spoke, Gun Metal Painted Alloy Wheels w/Machined Spoke Face and Firehawk Logo Center Caps – The Firehawk 19” x 8” 5-spoke alloy wheels have a gunmetal finish with a machined spoke face. They include a clear coat finish over the entire outside surface of the wheel to create a unique look that will be recognized by all. The center cap features the Firehawk logo.

• Firehawk Badges – The chrome badging on the Firehawk is designed to be very subtle. Four OEM-Quality Firehawk Supercharged badges are included for the deck lid, both front doors, and under the hood on the cold air induction lid.

• Firehawk Car Cover – To protect the finish of your Firehawk, each vehicle includes a silver fabric car cover that reflects the sunlight and helps protect it from the elements and against harmful UV rays. Each cover includes the distinctive Firehawk logo silkscreened up front, a locking cable, and a tote bag.

• Firehawk Leather (faux) Portfolio – Comes with Firehawk Logo Pen, Note Pad and Tire Tread Depth Gauge.

• Firehawk Birth Certificate – To help authenticate each vehicle, the “Birth Certificate” identifies the first retail owner and includes the official build date of the vehicle and other vehicle delivery specifics.

• Firehawk Numbered Dash Plaque and Key Fobs (2) – Each vehicle includes two numbered cloisonné Firehawk key fobs and one dash plaque, matching the production number of the vehicle. The plaque will be installed on the right side of the dash.

• Firehawk Floor Mats – Every Firehawk comes with a set of premium quality front floor mats with the Firehawk Supercharged logo embroidered on both mats.

• Firehawk Embroidered Headrests – Both front seats have the Firehawk Supercharged logo embroidered on each headrest.

MSRP $18,995.00


• Competition Brake Package – Includes 14” front and rear disc brakes, with 6 piston calipers and the Firehawk logo machined in the calipers face.

MSRP $4,995.00


• Delete Flat Black Paint on Hood, Grille Surrounds, and Spoiler

MSRP [$750.00]


SLP will produce only 250 2009 Firehawks at its Toms River, NJ facility, which is approximately an hour from Philadelphia, Newark, and Atlantic City airports. The process is simple: Once the Pontiac Dealer has ordered a 2009 Firehawk from SLP and it is entered into SLP’s build schedule, the dealer must then arrange to ship a new 2009 G8 GT from inventory or order a new vehicle from General Motors to be drop-shipped to SLP’s Toms River, NJ facility, to coincide with SLP’s build schedule. Following the completion of the Firehawk upgrade, the car can be picked up at SLP’s Toms River facility by the retail customer or the ordering dealer can make arrangements to have it picked up and delivered back to the dealership.

Firehawk production begins April 1, 2009. In order to comply with the California Air Resources Board issued Executive Order #D-488-14, Firehawk content cannot be installed prior to first retail sale. If you wish to retain the OE take-off parts, including the 19” wheels, and have them returned to you, there is a charge of $800 plus shipping. The reason is we have priced the Firehawk alteration based on the value we recover from selling the stock take-off components.


SLP will be wholly responsible for the Firehawk alteration and for certification of all systems affected by the Firehawk alteration, in accordance with applicable Federal and State Regulations. SLP will administer and provide 3 year/36,000 mile warranty coverage, to authorized Pontiac dealerships, for all Firehawk components installed and for systems affected by their installation. The General Motors Warranty continues to apply to all parts and systems not affected by the Firehawk alteration, but does not apply to the Firehawk alteration by SLP. SLP reserves the right to change pricing, product content and/or specifications prior to accepting an order for a Firehawk package with proper notification to the ordering dealer.

For more information, contact SLP’s Customer and Dealer Assistance Center at Ph.# (810) 724-8703

or Fax# (810) 724-8789, 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Please Note: The Firehawk package meets all applicable Canadian Motor Vehicle Regulations and is available through Canadian Pontiac Dealers.

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