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Hotel Info

17th Annual Firehawk/FAOA Rally Host Motel Information & Code

Hotel Code: 1108FAOA

If you are a dues paying member & need the FAOA code to get our discounted room rate at the Great Wolf Lodge. Please call email us at and please read the information listed below. When our dues paying members have their rooms reserved, I will on April 15, 2011 release the discount code to non-members that may want to attend this year’s Firehawk/Comp T/A Rally. If you plan on attending this year’s Rally & want to be with our group, please make your reservations ASAP. Our blocked rooms are very limited this year.

This year, once again FAOA has chosen the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio as the host Hotel and the Banquet Hall. Please Reserve your room or rooms ASAP. We were only able to block a very limited number of rooms this year due to a convention in Sandusky. I will give the Great Wolf Special Rate Code to members with their FAOA. I want to take care of our dues paying members first before posting this on the Internet for non-members that might want to attend. I will not post the rate code for the non-members until 4-15-2011. The Great Wolf Lodges offers a 3-Diamond Family Suites. Water-park passes are included in these prices for up to 4 persons per room. Extra persons will be charged $25. Great Wolf Lodge has provided the FAOA with a special rate; you must contact the FAOA to obtain the promotional code to receive the discounted rate. Regular rate is $199.00 per night. Adjacent to the Great Wolf Lodge parking lot is the Meijers shopping center, and parking at the Meijer shopping center for trailers, and cars is purely at-will.

The Great Wolf will allow FAOA members to consume non-alcoholic beverages and snacks in the parking lot between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. No meals, alcoholic beverages of any kind, open flames of any kind and food heating materials may be used outside of the suites. Individuals who disregard the Hotel and Federal policy will be charged $10.00 and may be subject to expulsion without a refund. In accordance with Hotel, State & Federal policies, please adhere to these rules. The Great Wolf is a family type Lodge. There is a no open alcoholic container in Sandusky and the Police consider the parking lot as a public place since anyone can pull in. I remember a few years back at the Holiday Inn. One of our members (Carla) was issue a summons by the Police and had to stay an extra day to pay the $120.00 fine. If you wish to have alcoholic drinks there is a very nice roomy lounge inside the Lodge. We can still sit by our cars in the evening and chat.

Also, you must reserve a minimum of two nights and use a credit card for the first nights room and tax as a required deposit at the time of your reservation. Great Wolf Lodge will accept all major credit cards. The FAOA rate will apply to all FAOA members for two nights before and one night after the contracted dates - Friday August 5, 2011 – Sunday, August 7, 2011. (If you wish to stay longer, please contact me). You must make your reservations ASAP. If you cancel with less than 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival you will lose your deposit. If you cancel with less than 30 days but longer than 72 hours, you will be charged $25. There are a very limited number of rooms, so hurry and make your reservations as soon as possible. If you have any questions you may email us at .

I would suggest using this number (419) 609-6000 it is direct to the Lodge we are using.

Great Wolf Lodge
4600 Milan Rd
Sandusky, OH 44870
Toll Free (866) 257-5627

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